U-Visa Policy Changes

Changes to U-visa policies

By Lisa Guerra - July 23, 2021

USCIS has stated that it will change the way it processes U-visa applications to deal with the backlogs in visa availablity.   These changes allow USCIS to determine if an application is approvable.  If the applications appears to meet all of the qualifiaction the applicaiton will be placed in a pending approval pile and the individual will granted Deferred Enforecemnt and granted a work permit valid for four years.   The work pemrit can be renewed by an individual for another years if a visa is still not available.  Derivatives will also qualify for Deferred Enforcement and granted a work permit the primary petitioner is granted Deferred Enforcement.   As these changes take place individual who have been waiting on a U-visa will start seeing work permits being issued if they have a bona fide case if they did not apply for a work permit with the original applicaition they will be informed that they can apply for a work permit once the determination is made.   
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